Meet Our Team

Board of Directors
Charles Thornton
Tara Blair
Geoff Calhoun
JT Stanton
Meredith Waters
Ashley Nee
Keith Kimmel

President: Charles Thornton
Vice President: Tara Blair
Treasurer: Geoff Calhoun
Secretary: JT Stanton
Fundraising: Jono Sirovatka
Volunteers Manager: JT Stanton
Webmaster: Alex Payne

Event Directors
Potomac Attainment Race: Chuck Thornton
Little White Salmon Race: Darby McAdams, Evan Garcia, Todd Wells, & Kyle Hull
Top Yough Race: Amos Ludwig
Potomac Earth Day River Cleanup: JT Stanton
Potomac Chute Out: Noah Wisdom
Potomac Maryland Chute Slalom: Ashely Nee
Lower Yough Race: Tyler Thornton
DC Diversify Whitewater: Caroline Queen
Potomac Little Falls Race: Brian DeCicco
Great Falls Race: Geoff Calhoun
Potomac Festival: Meredith Waters
Maine Whitewater Championship: Alex Horne & Matt Jameson
Green River (Ladies) Takeover: Jamie O’Donnell
King of New York Race Series: Jared Seiler
Lord of the Fork (Russell Fork) Race: Matt Wallin
Potomac Thanksgiving River Cleanup: JT Stanton