Top Yough Race

2023 Race Information

The Top Yough is a Class IV-V whitewater run and the race is meant for advanced boaters only. The race will be timed, with boaters launching at 60 second intervals. The race course starts on river left just above Swallow Falls and concludes in the eddy below Suck Hole rapid.

RACE DAY: Please report to the UPPER Yough put-in between 8:30 am and 10 am to check in, sign your race waiver and receive your race bib. Registration is $10. ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY. If you do not pre-register you will not be permitted to race. NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION. Following check-in many racers will opt to take a practice race lap, just make sure that you are at the TOP Yough Put-in by 12 noon for a pre-race meeting. The race will start promptly at 1:00 pm.

BOAT CATEGORIES: Short and Long. Racers will only be able to race one boat class this year, so pick your favorite! What’s the definition of a ‘short boat’? Not a long boat. In other words, we’re not imposing the 9′ limit, but be cool and don’t push the boundaries. A half-slice at 9′ 4″ is fine (e.g., large Rewind), but a full creeker closer to 10′ is not OK. The boat length rule is: be cool, don’t be uncool.

PARKING: There are a limited number of parking spaces at the put in. If cars are parked along the road near the put-in parking lot, you will be ticketed by the state park, and this may affect our ability to get a permit for this race in the future. Please consider having your shuttle driver drop you off or carpooling.

SAFETY: There will be safety set at three critical points: Swallow Falls, Swallow Tail Falls, and Suck Hole Rapids. There will also be roving safety boaters. Multiple individuals with swift water rescue training will be on hand. Racers will be required to stop to help anyone in trouble on the river.

REQUIRED GEAR: Only whitewater appropriate craft will be permitted. Racers and Safety Boaters will be required to wear Coast Guard approved life jacket, helmet, proper footwear, and weather appropriate dry wear. Racers will also be required to carry a throw rope. A paddler without a throw rope will not be permitted to race.

RAIN DATE: The rain date for this event is 4/15.

VOLUNTEERS: If you would like to help with safety, or timing please contact the Great Falls Foundation and/or Amos Ludwig (

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